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These instructions apply to the main bumblebeehill blog known as "jack, home of goats" and to the India2008 blog.

Most of the content of the blog is found in stories, which are also referred to as posts and articles; all three words refer to the same thing

Posting a Story on the Blog

Although the blog permits anonymous comments, it does not permit anonymous stories; to post a story on this blog, you must be logged in.

Posting a story is done by filling in a long web form. To get to that form for posting a story, select the "Post a story" link in the horizontal navigation bar near the top of most pages. When done filling in the form, click the 'save' button at the bottom of the form. If the creation of the story was successful, the next page you will see is a list of stories and your new story should be at the top of the list. If unsuccessful, you may be returned to the form, with a message about the nature of the problem (such as an empty field that is required or difference between the number of image tags and the number of images indicated in the images list.

If you have story editor permission, you will see that the story form has many options. You should leave most of them at their default values. The only fields that you really need to fill in are:

  • title
  • intro text (this is the part of the story that appears on the main page - for many stories, this is the whole story)

You may also want to use the following:

  • topic (select from pull-down)
  • body text (this is the continuation of the story - this is the part that does not appear when the stories are listed on the main page - you may leave this blank if you have a short story)
  • post mode (switch to html if you know how to write html tags and want to add some formatting to your story)
  • images (full pathnames to the image files on your local computer - these images will be copied into the blog when you press the save button on the story form - you must include a special blog image tag for each image in the intro text or body text fields above)

If you do not have story editor permission, after saving your story (pressing the save button on the story form page) your story will go into the submission queue, where it will wait until it is approved by a story editor.

Including Images in a Story

Including an image in a story requires two actions:

  1. in the text, including an image tag for each image;
  2. for each image, browse to the file on your computer and add it to the list of up to 9 images.

Each image tag is includes the digit that corresponds to the number of an image in the image list. Also, each image tag can indicate that the image should be positioned in one of three ways:

  • inline with the text;
  • on the left side of the text;
  • on the right side of the text.

Examples of stories with images

The text for the "Moon" story looks like this:

[image1_left][image3_right][image2_right]I would have thought 
that a long exposure would be needed in order to capture a 
picture of the moon. On the contrary, the moon is quite bright. 
This image was taken with the following exposure: 1/250, F11, ISO 400.

Other details: Canon XTi (APS-sized sensor); 55mm focal length; original 
image size 3888x2592; cropped to 140x131, and then doubled to 280x262.

On the right, I have included the photos that made me think about 
what exposure it would take to capture the moon.

The text for the "Goat Play" story looks like this:

This 'kid' looks cute.
But, what a bother.

"Tipper in the Window" is only partly displayed in the list of blog entries, which is noted with the "read more" label when it is only partly displayed. This is accomplished by putting part of the text into the "intro text" box and the rest of the text in the "body text" box.

The intro text for "Tipper in the Window" looks like this:

How is Tipper sitting in the window? [image1]

The body text "Tipper in the Window" looks like this:

Where is the openning?

Now we can see what Tipper is doing.

Tipper sees something exciting.

Editing a story

To see a list of stories, select the Stories link in the left navigation bar. If you don't see this link, perhaps you are not logged in. If you are logged in and still don't see this link, perhaps you do not have story editor permission (contact the webmaster via email to the website

Along the left side of the list of stories there should be icons of small yellow pencils. Click a pencil icon to edit a story (make sure you click the pencil, not the title of the story). If there is no pencil icon, then you do not have permission to edit the corresponding story.

Using the MediaGallery

The Media Gallery provides for the presentation of large collections of pictures. Pictures can be added to a gallery. Comments can be added to individual pictures.

Some Media Galleries will only be available if you are logged in.

There is a link to the Media Gallery in the horizontal navigation bar near the top of most pages.

Images are presented in three sizes:

  • thumbnail (many images on a page)
  • medium size
  • full size

Try the "slide show" link near the top right of most Media Gallery pages.

The Media Gallery feature uses the "Media Gallery" software.