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The Don DeLillo Society

DeLillo's America maintained by Curt Gardner.

Underworld: A Novel by Don DeLillo

on Amazonor at other places ISBN 0-684-84269-6 (hardcover); ISBN 0-684-84815-5 (paperback)

DeLillo's America includes web pages on Underworld.

The cover (hardcover version, paperback version) is based on a photograph by Andre Kertesz. The cover of the Italian edition is surprisingly different.

Scribner publishes a collection of Reading Group Discussion Points.

DeLillo has said that the October 4, 1951 front page of The New York Times. DeLillo's America has the headlines from that NY Times front page.

The Bruegel painting referred to in the Prologue with which J. Edgar Hoover is so taken.

The reference to a photo of Charlier Parker might (326-7) might refer to this photo.

Book Sections

Prologue - The Triumph of Death [1951] (9)

Part 1 - Long Tall Sally: Spring-Summer 1992 (61)

Manx Martin 1 [1951] (137)

Part 2 - Elegy for Left Hand Alone: Mid-1980s - Early 1990s (153)

Part 3 - The Cloud of Unknowing: Spring 1978 (273)

Manx Martin 2 [1951] (349)

Part 4 - Cocksucker Blues: Summer 1974 (369)

Part 5 - Better Things for Better Living Through Chemistry: Selected Fragments Public and Private in the 1950s and 1960s (499)

Manx Martin 3 [1951] (641)

Part 6 - Arrangement in Grey and Black: Fall 1951 - Summer 1952 (659)

Epilogue - Das Kapital (783)