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Goats are the Capra aegagrus species in the bovid family. The domestic goat is a subspecies: Capra aegagrus hircus.

Dairy Goats

Basel and Hans are two of the coolest goats in the world, but they are only two of the many different breeds of Dairy Goats. Goats are ruminants and like to eat, but contrary to common belief goats will not eat tin cans!

Cashmere Goats

Cashmere is not a breed of goat. Rather, cashmere is a type of fiber.

Black Locust Farm

Washington, Maine


Drake Farm:

PO Box 81
Effingham, NH 03882
Phone Number: (603) 539-7693
Fax Number:(603) 539-7693
Email Address: jindycats@yahoo.com

But, the owners of the Drake Farm may have moved to Illinois.


Roka Farm:

Located in Jefferson, NH
Patricia Bacon
97 Success Road
Milan, NH 03588

We visited Roka Farm on 2005-12-28 (see blog entry).

Roka Farm is near the Applebrook Inn:

Applebrook Bed & Breakfast
Route 115A, Jefferson, NH 03583-0178
Toll Free: (800)-545-6504
Information: (603) 586-7713


Tregellys Fiber Farm has angora goats, yaks, llamas, and other animals. Located in northwestern Massachusetts, south of Rt 2 and west of I-91.

15 Dodge Branch Rd
Hawley, MA 01339 [aka Charlemont, MA?]

Montgomery Park Farm

11 Morgan Ave
Newbury, MA

Raises American Saanens and a few LaMancha dairy goats. Visited 2005-4-30. Located next to Newbury Fire Department, Protection 2, and across the street from the Newbury Butchery, which is a branch of the Danvers Butchery.

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Blog entry about visit to Jefferson, NH.

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