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Pearl Harbor - USS Arizona Memorial


East Shore

We're staying on the East Shore, near Waipouli Beach

Lydgate State Park - good place for swimming and snorkeling

Sleeping Giant Trail is a possible hike

Keahua Forestry Arboretum

Opaeka'a Falls

Smith's Tropical Paradise - probably super touristy, might be a good chance for a luau on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday

Elsewhere on the Island

Waimea Canyon - on the west side of the island, we should plan one day here

Kilauea Lighthouse (north shore)


A Real Nurse's Dream


  • South Pacific (filmed on Kauai)
  • Lilo and Stitch
  • Pearl Harbor
  • Blue Hawaii - Elvis movie with Angela Lansbury filmed at the Coco Palms resort, among other places on Kauai


  • Hiking foot wear
  • Beach / Other foot wear (eg sandals)
  • Rain gear
  • bathing suits
  • hat
  • sun block
  • pajamas
  • light weight layers of clothing (skirts, shorts, pants, shirts, sweaters, etc) including stuff you can throw on over a bathing suit
  • phones and chargers
  • books for plane and beach
  • iPods?
  • neck pillow
  • deck of cards or small game
  • gum / snacks for on the plane
  • empty water bottle to fill at airport
  • Airborne


  • camera, telephoto lens, wide-angle lens, monopod
  • netbook, power supply
  • Python (should we print some of the chapters so I don't waste computer battery reading it?)