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You are invited to experiment on the Sandbox page.

We are developing some help pages, and Wikipedia has helpful information about editing, including a page describing the wiki markup.

Finding Things in This Wiki

See a list of:

Try the word search in the left navigation bar.

Announcements & New Content

Blog Instructions, Movies to See, Movie Favorites, Recipes, Goats, Milk Processing, Bumble Bee Hill Landscape Study, Bookgroup, Yaks, Field Trips, Civil War, Renaissance Music, Color Management, Photography, RX-8, Don DeLillo, Costumes, Goat Cart, Fairs, Bots, GnuCash, Mac, Paper, Animal Careers, Web Application Development, Python, Hawaii, Gardening.

We should develop a collection of Bumblebee Images.

The Fish and Frog Stories have been added to this wiki, complete with pictures. Perhaps someone will want to add to them or add new stories. Also, see the original version of the Fish and Frog stories and the Fish and Frog Notebook.

You can find many pages based on the category tags embedded in them. Or, just see a list of all pages.

To see images that have been uploaded, go to the Special page known as Special:Newimages sometimes referred to as the Gallery of new files.

Wiki and Website

Moved to sqlite DB 6/26/2021.

There is a Website To Do page, and there is information about the technology that runs I've added a page to record references for technical information (which started as an HTML/CSS page.

This wiki put quite a load on jack; only the most patient people could add content. But now that it is being hosted on thimble, it is much more usable.

There are 50 articles on this wiki (

Getting started