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There is a picture on the blog - 2006 Mazda RX-8.

rx-8club.com is a message forum.

Oil: 5W-20; distance between low and high is 1.8 qt.


LIBERTY MAZDA (at MazdaUSA) 81 BAY STATE ROAD, WAKEFIELD, MA 01880, Phone: 781-245-8000

IRA MAZDA (at MazdaUSA) 99B ANDOVER STREET, DANVERS, MA 01923, Phone: 978-739-8600

Wheels and Tires

tire pressure: (at least) 32 psi (front and rear)

original tires: 225/45R18 91W Bridgestone Potenza RE040

original wheels: 21mm lugnuts; new wheels: 13/16" lugnuts

assure that centering rings are in place on wheels

Torque lugnuts (p 7-16): 88 - 118 N-m OR 65 - 87 ft-lbs

Tire presssure sensors (p 5-31):

  • After mounting different wheels, the tire pressure sensor IDs need to be re-registered with the car's sensor system.
  • If the vehicle is driven within 15 minutes, then the tire pressure warning light will flash because the sensor IDs have not been registered.
  • Follow these steps to register the sensors:
    • turn ignition switch ON, then turn it back to ACC or LOCK.
    • wait for about 15 minutes.
    • after 15 minutes, drive at a speed of at least 16mph for 10 minutes.
    • the tire pressure sensor ID signal codes should be registered automatically

torque wrench has 3/8" drive; large ratchet has 1/2" drive;

look for: 13/16" lug wrench

TireRack is a supplier of wheels and tires.

winter setup: MSW Type 11; 225/45VR18 Bridgestone Blizzak LM-25

centering rings for winter wheels: 73-67mm Gorilla ring, Ref 4812009