Renaissance Music

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Josquin des Prez

usually known as "Josquin"

Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina

usually known as "Palestrina"

Tilman Susato


composers of Renaissance dance music



Programme 2: 1564 – Palestrina and the Rise of the Violin. dances by Susato or Praetorius are suitable and easily playable by students.

Rognoni, Francesco (c.1585-c.1624): Diminutionen on Palestrina's 'Io son ferito' for violin and bass continuo Le Concert Brisé


dance music in the Renaissance

a dance music page with PDFs and RealAudio files, but the RealAudio files don't seem to work, sadly

The English Dancing Master

Metzler Violin Shop has some sheet music for sale including some quartets by Palestrina and a round, for violin