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6/26/2021 replacing mariadb with sqlite

6/12/2021 switched from red to snow on 6/5/2011


7/22/2018 testing on beach, which is now red.

7/8/2018 testing after restore to new disk after disk failure.

12/23/2017 testing after upgrade to PHP7 and mediawiki 1.30

This now works with ssl.

Here's a place to experiment with editing.

Hi I am now Editing the Sandbox. this could say different stuff Hi I am now Editing the Sandbox.

Can a bureaucrat edit?

Use the 'edit' tab at the top to edit the entire page. Or, use one of the edit links on the right side of the page to edit only a particular section.

Here's a Section Heading

The Wikipedia has helpful information about editing, including a page describing the wiki markup.

Another heading

Some more stuff follows. No blank line. That will be rendered as part of the same paragraph.

But this will be a new paragraph - yes, indeed.

Yet another heading

2001 aerial photo of Marshfield showing BBH.

Go to the Bumble Bee Hill Landscape Study; Here is another link to that study where the linked words differ from the link.

SubSub Heading

Add some new material. This sandbox page is being edited on the new 'thimble' machine.