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  • Replace with a php page so that components can be referenced, rather than directly included.
  • blog
    • enable PDFs? How would they work since PDF is only supported in browsers via a plug-in?
    • upgrade to medigallery 1.4.6
    • make image URLs relative when site_URL is not null; this should also fix story URL in email story digest
    • system message banner
  • remote backup
    • rsync w jack.
    • consider amanda.
  • replace all 'mailto' links with something else - perhaps a contact form.
  • bit
    • more RAM (pair of 512)
  • from Adelphia website, copy july4.html to 2004july4.html on www and/or copy it to a wiki page.
  • upate some other pages to use bbh.css
  • consider adapting colors in jack's banner.
  • Create summary of vhosts.
  • Wiki: consider replacement background image for wiki.
  • PHP, wiki, and Wordpress: solve problem of getting email to Probably PHP configuration issue. PHP appears to insist on sending email through a local agent.[1] There's config info in php.ini, but that doesn't get around the fact that it insists on a local delivery agent. So, I guess we need to configure the MTA to send via
  • PHP config [2].
  • Some other configuration work on squirrelmail.
  • Figure out how to attach webcam to a Linux system.
    • Google "linux webcam" provides many resources.
    • BUT, thimble and jack both crash when xawtv tries to connect with the cheap d-link webcam.